Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break 2010 For Case

What do 15-year-old young men do on Spring Break?  Some go to the beach, others take trips, go fishing, play baseball, etc.  This year my 15-year-old grandson, Case, went to see his Uncle Austin for his dental check-up - that's got to be fun!  AND he went on a Mission Trip to Bayou DuLarge Baptist Church in Theriot, LA with his grandfather (Eddie).

I have such fond memories of Case as an infant.  He is the only one of my grandchildren I had the privilege to keep for a period of time on a regular basis.  While his mom worked part-time, Case went to our church's daycare.  When I had Bible study or other meetings at the church, or just when I took the notion, I would pick him up at daycare and take him home with me.  I did this every chance I got.  He spent many afternoons with his Kay-Kay.  He doesn't remember those days, but I sure do!  He was such a good baby and such fun to be with.

Case has grown into a handsome young man of over 6 feet tall and still growing.  He is a very conscientious student, but what I appreciate the most about him, is the fact that he has a mind of his own.  He is not as easily influenced by his peers as many teenagers are.  He became a Christian at a young age and enjoys being active in his youth group at church.

Case took part of his Spring Break to help the people of Bayou DuLarge Baptist Church.  He stacked lumber at the saw mill one day and other days, helped in the building of a home for church members
who experienced a loss during a hurricane.  When Eddie brought Case home that Sunday night, he asked him if he would like to go again.  He said, "I would go again right now if I weren't so tired."

Case will always remember his Spring Break of 2010 and so will his grandfather.  What a blessing grandchildren are!  Our children and grandchildren are worth the investment we make in their lives.

"Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right." (Proverbs 20:11)

"Children's children (Kaylee, Kam, Case, and Josh) are a crown to the aged . . . . . " (Proverbs 17:6a)  Well, I don't consider myself "aged" yet, but we are their thankful, and blessed grandparents.

Eddie said I would have been so proud of Case, and I assure you I am.  I have a special place in my heart for all of my grandchildren.  They are each unique creations of our Maker.


  1. What a good looking kid - he's a handsome blend of Brent and Meredith both, isn't he? That is SO cool that he spent Spring Break on a Mission Trip with Eddie. I'm sure they made some memories neither of them will forget. What a blessing!

  2. It's a good verse to share with my daughter - Proverbs 20:11. My dad says if had known how much fun grandkids are he would have had them first - Ha Ha. Thanks again, TMG

  3. I am learning about the grandchildren and I too enjoy every minute I get to spend them him and soon will do the same with little Grace when she gets here in July. Thanks for sharing your special ones with us.
    Love in Christ, Jean

    P.S. Proverbs 20:11 is one of my memory verses.

  4. Kay, I'm loving meeting your grandchildren through this blog. They were just babies when you and I met! I imagine Eddie was pretty proud to serve with his grandson!

  5. You have incredible grandchildren, Case is certainly handsome. I love my two grandsons even though right now I don't see them often enough, just through Skype and the yearly visit to Portugal.
    I am so looking forward to our new grandson who is supposed to arrive mid July, at least he will be a little closer.
    Aren't we blessed by our children and grandchildren.