Friday, July 27, 2012

Kaylee and Colton's Wedding Part 4


These pictures were taken at the entrance of the church.  It looked absolutely beautiful.  The basket held decorated fans.  (Paula did all of this!  I keep bragging on Paula and lest I leave Kelly out, she couldn't have done it without his support and provision.  Thank you, Kelly!!)

Just inside the church, guests were asked to underline or highlight a scripture passage and leave a message in the margins.

                                         This table was also just inside the church entrance.

On each side of the entrance to the sanctuary, this is what was displayed.  Those letters are made with thousands of little pearls.  They were beautiful!!

                 This was taken about 20-30 minutes before the ceremony began.

                              The above pictures were all taken in the Bride's Room.

                                                            The inside of the church. 

                                             Close ups of the aisle runner painted by Paula.

     Close up of the pomanders at the end of each pew. (Handmade by Paula.)

                                              More details from inside the sanctuary.

                                                                       The altar.

 After the ceremony - waiting for a few family pictures.  (I thought this was so cute!)

We went to a beautiful reception following the ceremony but I left my camera in the car.  No one seemed to want to go down 33 floors and retrieve it for me!  I will just have to wait for the wedding pictures. 


  1. BEAUTIFUL in every detail! That Paula really outdid herself - seemed like she thought of every tiny little detail to make the day completely perfect ... and then looked drop-dead gorgeous on top of it!! You looked beautiful too, my friend. Loved yours and Paula's gowns! Gorgeous!

  2. Loved loved looking at all the pics from this day the Lord hath made! Such special touches for such a beautiful couple!! Jona Rae

  3. Precious is all I can say!!!
    Love, Anna