Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Josh - Our Youngest Grandchild

Josh, our youngest grandchild just had his 12th birthday!  It seems such a short time ago when Joshua Brent Martin made his appearance into our lives and won our hearts.  He will win yours too, most likely.

Josh is our actor, speaker, singer and is quite comfortable in front of a crowd (I knew this when I heard him give his report on grandparents day in the second grade!).  Josh also swims on the swim team and is an avid reader.  As long as I can remember Josh has wanted to help me cook - even if it meant only cracking an egg.  He also takes an interest in our garden and my flowers. 

Last summer (2009) will always stand out in my memory as a very fun time with Josh.  Eddie and I had planned to travel out west in June and had mentioned to our grandchildren that we would love for them to go if their schedule permitted.  It seemed at the time that they all had busy summers planned so we sort of forgot about it.  About 9 o'clock the night before we were to leave, Eddie thought he better call Josh to see if he wanted to go (everyone else was busy at camp, etc.).  About an hour later, Josh was at our house with his bags packed ready to go - thanks to a mom who got his things together rather quickly.

Very early the next morning, Eddie, Josh, Tigger and I began our trip to Durango, Colorado.  Josh and Tigger have a very special bond - they happen to love each other.  They were both excellent travelers - you have to be if you are going out west with Eddie because he drives, drives and drives!!!  We reached our destination the following day. 

We ate great food and saw beautiful scenery.  Two of Josh's favorite activities, I think, were the Chuck Wagon Dinner Theater and the train ride from Durango to Silverton.  Tigger and I drove to Silverton to get Josh and Eddie after the train ride.  (I had ridden the train before and they didn't allow four legged creatures even if they think they are one of us.)  The picture on this post was taken in Silverton, Colorado after the train ride.

Josh was a real trooper on this trip.  He was easy to please and a joy to have along.  Memories were made that won't soon be forgotten.

I can't wait to see how God will use Josh with all the talent He has given him.  Josh is special and uniqe as are Kaylee, Kam and Case.  I am so glad God has shared each of you with us.  You are a blessing!


  1. Don't you just love making memories (they will always be with you)? What a joy to spend quality time with your grandchild & help him to make memories. Thank you for sharing with us about these precious times! May God's richest blessings continue to be yours. Some of the best memories of mine are with grandparents!
    Pat Henson

  2. I know that trip was a special time for you and Eddie but it's a memory Josh will keep in his heart all his life. All four of your grandchildren are very blessed to have the parents and grandparents they have. Knowing they are loved and being encouraged to be all that God wants them to be are priceless gifts God will continue using in their lives through the years. Josh is just TOO cute!!

  3. What fun!! Can I go out west next time? I just wish you had worn your cowboy boots and hat!! hahahaha!! and, I had no idea Tigger got to go. I am jealous now!! Precious them and you! Jona Rae