Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Miss Jesus!

Jesus made His appearance here on earth in a very unassuming way.  The very Son of God, the One who would bring salvation to all who would accept Him, was born in the lowliest of places.  Jesus was born amidst the animals and placed in a manger (a feeding trough).  "And she gave birth to her firstborn Son.  She wrapped Him in cloths and placed Him in a manger . . . . ." (Luke 2:7)

Why did Jesus leave His throne in glory and make His appearance in such a lowly way?  He did it for you.  He did it for me.  He came to bring salvation to ALL mankind.  Yet, many did not notice Him.  Today, many do not notice Him.

Don't miss Jesus!  He isn't pushy.  He isn't loud but He is here.  If you have accepted His salvation, then He dwells within you and will never leave you.  "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." (Hebrews 13:5b)  Don't ignore Him.  Don't get caught up in the trappings of the holiday season.  Worship Him - the King of kings, the Lord of lords.

Don't miss Jesus this Christmas!  Be still.  Listen.  Worship.


  1. Hey Kay, my name is Sandra. I read a lot of blogs on religion and prayer and I've i feel like I've ended up here once before. I ran across this prayer exchange website and I haven't had the chance to ask my Church what their stance is on it.

    I think that there are some benefits to a site like this but some others might find it questionable.

    The website is
    I am curious what you (or other Christians) think about it and know that I and maybe your readers would be interested in hearing your opinion.

    I'll check back here in the next day or two, thanks & God bless
    Sandra Johnson

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the reason for the season. It is hard to stop when there is so much to do but....we can stop if we decide to.

    Merry Christmas, Jean Russell

  3. Happy New Year, Aunt Kay! found your blog through a comment you left on Whitney Ueltschey's...hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season.

    with love,