Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Remember When

At our recent class reunion, there were a lot of conversations that began with "Remember when . . . . . ."  These words can be made in the form of a statement or a question.  How great to remember all the fun times we had together and to be reminded of some we had forgotten!

The Bible uses the word remember numerous times throughout Scripture.  Many times God is telling us to remember what He has done in our lives in the past.  "Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles and the judgments He pronounced." (1 Chronicles 16:12)  It is beneficial for us to remember what God has done in our lives through the years, so we can see His faithfullness.

Sometimes God wants us to remember something we did that was not pleasing to Him so we won't repeat the behavior.  God does not want us to remember something from our past to put us on a guilt trip but to keep us from taking the same trip again.  In Ezekiel 16, the Lord said  His people had broken His covenant, but He would remember His covenant (v. 60).  In verse 63, He told His people that they would "remember and be ashamed."  We need to remember bad behavior (be ashamed) and never repeat the behavior.

While it is fun to remember our high school years and reminisce with friends, it is of much greater importance to remember what God has done in our lives.  Remember your day of salvation.  Remember His faithfulness and provision in your life.  Take a trip down memory lane and praise Him for His faithfulness..

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  1. Kay, sounds like you had a very good reunion. Memories can be so much fun.
    I love 1 Chronicles 16:8-16 (part of my memory verses) God loves for us to remember to rejoice and to change.
    Hope to see you Wed. nite. Jean