Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This Thanksgiving, did you sense that a certain relationship wasn't what it should be, or like you desire it to be?  (I know many of you experienced this because of your comments to me.)  This is very common during the holiday season when families get together.  We are often tense and on edge, and might I add, a little tired, during this time of year and relationships are sometimes strained.

Most of us desire the ideal in our family relationships.  We would like our families to be picture-perfect but many times, they are not.  Why?  Because families consist of flawed individuals, that includes you and me, and there in lies the problem.

One way to help in a not-so-perfect situation is to be the one with the good attitude.  Also, be the one who is accepting of the ideas and ways of others.  Our way of doing things is not necessarily the best way, and is certainly not the only way.  Overlook the little slurs, the lack of respect, and continue to love the person and treat them with kindness.  Oh, you may think they really don't deserve it, but I'm just saying if we continue to treat with kindness those who mistreat us, we will be the one who has peace.  Try it.  It works.

In the last part of Micah 7:6, the prophet states, "A man's enemies are the members of his own household."  Many of you know this to be true, but it is sad.  In Matthew 5:44, Jesus tells us to "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."  This is what we must do in our strained relationships.

We must do what God commands us to do and then thank Him for His many blessings.  If we focus on what we do have (the really good relationships), then what we do not have will be minimized.  Remember to always seek direction from God for His will is "good and pleasing and perfect." (Romans 12:2)

Serving Him,
Kay Martin


  1. Family, as well as friends, are a special gift from the Lord and though we love and appreciate these gifts sometimes they are overwhelming so thanks for the reminder that we, too, can be overwhelming a lot of the times! Thank you for sharing your heart........I learn soooo very much from you and your lessons, devotions, etc...and I appreciate these gentle reminders and pray that I remember and use them daily! Love, Jona Rae

  2. I believe that along with relationships, comes something that for some is a challenge to do and that is "forgiveness". God tells us to forgive others and pray for them....just like Kay mentioned Matthew 5:44, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you". I find that my enemy a lot of times comes from a relationship, past and present, and that I must pray and forgive the person and/or the situation. Even though I may not want to...this is God's word. We have studied forgiveness and I just feel like these two things can go hand in hand. Thank -you Ms. Kay for teaching us God's word.Danyelle

  3. Mrs. Kay, you know the long road I have been down with relationships. If God can heal the hurts and pains that I have gone through with my family....I know He will and can heal everybody elses realtionships. (If we want him to heal it) I know that pride was at the root of my healing and through lots of prayer things are better now.